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“Self-Promotion Alert”

A Facebook friend wrote on my page: “I am amazed by the number of thoughtful comments you share on FB are you sure there aren't two of you. 

Fox: It’s the same old song

Had missed Fox for three days because my TV was not getting all the channels. Back this morning, it's as if I had never left. During 45 minutes, three different stories dealing with people who didn't want to comply with mask mandates.

National Daughter’s Day and National Son’s Day

Some may have received messages about national daughter's day and national son's day. It appear as if these "activities" are scams designed to get data that malicious actors can use.

Fox on government telling you what to do with your body – how about abortion

A Fox commentator this morning attacked mask and vaccine mandates as as part of an effort by the government to "tell you what you can do with your body." I wonder if they realized the irony of this statement, with so many Fox personalities opposing the right to abortion. At the same time, I myself have long believed that the phrase used by those supporting the right to abortion about "my body, my choice" is problematic in that it suggests that it might be acceptable morally to kill a fetus even if the fetus is a human being.

Maybe the CIA plays it straight

Fox had a segment this morning about a new book saying that the coronavirus grew out of the lab in Wuhan. The Fox reporter attacked the CIA for not accusing China in its report on the virus origin, saying the origin was unclear. What is ironic is that China has repeatedly denounced the same CIA report, which in their version blamed China. Guess what? Maybe the CIA just played it straight!

China blocking groups of people protesting big property scam

China internet has now blocked 8 groups of people owed money by the troubled Chinese real estate company Evergrande.

Laws in China apply retroactively

The book Red Roulette that I am reading notes that in China all laws have retroactive effect. I had somewhat suspected this, from things I'd come across, but I didn't know was a general practice. This goes against the the important principle of justice that nobody should be punished for something that was not a crime when they did it.

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